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Boxing Equipment

Punching Bag
Art # Z-403

1. Punching Bag Made of  Genuine / Synthetic / Fine Split Leather

2. The Ultimate 2-in-1 Training Bag for Every Gym

3. Combines the Versatility of a Professional Grappling dummy

    with the addition of a Life-like Body Target Heavy Bag to take your Training to the Next Level

4. Nylon Hanging Straps Tuck Securely into Individual D-Ring Pockets on Top of Bag

     with the Aid of Hook-and-Loop attachments

5. Hang Bag from the Ceiling with the Chain and Swivel Included and Work out on the

     Most Realistic Heavy Bag Available.

6. Throw Jabs, Straight Shots, Angle Punches, Hooks, Uppercuts, Kicks, Knee Strikes

     and more to every Area of the Bag

7. Sizes: 70x25, 90x30, 100x35, 120x35, 150x35



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